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collage of Copal 3 shutter, Nikon TS lens, Mamiya RZ67, Canon 300 EF in background

Bob Watkins and Precision Camera Works

President and senior technician Bob Watkins has almost 30 years experience repairing virtually all makes, models, and formats of cameras, lenses, and accessories. He graduated from National Camera’s resident camera repair program with Highest Honors. Following school he worked as a technician for Canon and Sinar Bron, then ventured out on his own. Over the years Bob has performed more than just repairs. He is equipped to manufacture many parts that are no longer available and has designed, built, and installed many custom parts and accessories. One complex project involving a helicopter-mounted panoramic camera took him around the world – you can read about it here.

Bob and his fellow technicians have been factory trained on many makes and models of professional cameras. Precision Camera Works is currently the only Authorized Service Center in the USA for ARCA-SWISS cameras and Monoballs. Bob loves working on large format cameras, lenses, and shutters, as well as Hasselblad, Mamiya, Canon, and Nikon equipment.

One of PCW’s specialties is working on stock and custom panoramic cameras. For many years Bob was the authorized service provider for Widelux, and he still maintains a parts inventory. He also works on Noblex, Fuji, Linhof, Seitz, and other panoramic cameras.

Best of all, Bob answers his own phone and emails.

Quicktip: Leaving lenses in a hot car is bad news. Heat causes the internal lubricants to run. This often shows up as oil on the aperture blades.
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