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Frequently Asked Questions

Resources for Photographers

Noblex & Mamiya Repair Info.
   Good News for Noblex Owners!
   Mamiya CLA / Rangefinder Adjustments

Q: Do you work on lighting equipment?
A: Only Broncolor at this time, but stay tuned for updates.

Q: What about digital cameras?
A: Sorry, but most manufacturers insist on their customers using factory service. If or when that changes we’ll be ready. Remember that many of the professional level digital cameras are even more critical of alignment and lens quality than their film counterparts. So if your studio camera needs adjustment or alignment, we can help out. We also do expert lens mounting and mechanical shutter adjustments.

Q. What’s your favorite camera?
A. We like them all! But we are rather fond of manual Canons and, of course, ARCA-SWISS view cameras. We also have a lot of experience with panoramic cameras of all types, including older Wideluxes and customized rotating lens cameras.

Q. Which ARCA-SWISS camera should I get? There are so many variations I can’t decide ...
A. The range of options has grown to such a degree that it is hard to keep it all straight. It’s probably best to identify which features you want, and then talk to dealers to see what they can deliver. If you have questions about certain options we’ll be happy to answer them, but a good dealer is probably your best starting point.

Q. Who designed your website?
A: Frank Petronio of Cleanpage. Not only is he a designer, but he helps with business marketing, planning, and strategy. He started out as a photographer and still shoots some jobs, but most of his work is marketing and advertising for larger companies, including Kodak and Mamiya.

Please email us your comments and suggestions.

Don’t miss our page called The Care and Feeding of Your ARCA-SWISS Monoball Head.

Large Format Photography thread on Precision Camera Works:

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A visit to the Arca-Swiss factory:

The Arca-Swiss Misura:

Share opinions, tips, and information with other photographers at

A stock photo resource:

Micro-Tools: Find camera repair tools and parts, plus good strap wrenches (part # HG as referred to on our Monoball section).

Camera Books: Camera books, manuals and instructions.
Tripodhead: Wimberley Monoball accessories (Gimbals).

NYC Still Photography Permits (required for tripod mounted photos in New York City).

Praus Productions: Photo lab in Rochester, NY (they do a lot of mail order) with a consistent E-6 line; Imacon scanning; and custom Ilfochrome and archival fiber B&W printing.

Cleanpage Design + Content: marketing, advertising, and web site development. "What can I say? This is the website done for my brother, who has my absolute and eternal respect. He's the real deal; one of the most authentic people I know; with wisdom to spare, even for me, his older brother."


Customers who would like their website added to our list should contact us.

Quicktip: Put a few Q-tips in a clean plastic bag and store them in your camera bag. They’re great for cleaning tiny crevices inside cameras.
The Care and Feeding of Your ARCA-SWISS Monoball head
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