Bob Watkins and Precision Camera Works

In 1975 president and senior technician Bob Watkins graduated from National Camera’s resident repair program with highest honors. Following school he worked as a technician for Canon and Sinar Bron, before founding Precision Camera Works in 1991. Since then, PCW has been factory trained as the Authorized Service Center for Arca-Swiss, Linhof and Widelux, in addition to being recognized as the Offical Service Center for Mamiya Legacy film cameras.

For over 40 years Bob has built a reputation servicing medium and large format film cameras and lenses, with an added expertise in the repair of panoramic and exotic film cameras. His innovative solutions for custom projects, such as the manufacture of discontinued parts for antiquated cameras and original designs for client proposals, has contributed to PCW’s worldwide prestige as the trusted go-to for professional photographers and artists alike. Above all, PCW owes its success to the career-long partnerships it continues to foster with its clients.

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