Mamiya 6, 7 and 7II Cameras and Lenses

As many of the various internet photography forums indicate, we have established a reputation for our expertise in the repair of Mamiya 120 rangefinder cameras.

The most common repair request we receive for the 6, 7 and 7II models, is for the proper calibration of a camera’s rangefinder.  We also receive occasional complaints about a discrepancy in the rangefinder accuracy between one or more lenses in a set.  Each lens utilizes a cam that protrudes through the rear mount and drives the linkage to the rangefinder in the camera body, and a set of lenses may not be properly matched for accuracy. This is rare, but more common with the “6” series lenses.  This is why, when shipping us a camera body for rangefinder calibration, we request that you also send in all of the lenses you use with that body.  If you own more than one body, please send in all bodies and lenses so all can be properly matched.

We occasionally receive 7 and 7II models with rangefinders that stick, are inaccurate or render erratic operati, an upgrade kit that we install in every camera that doesn’t already have it. This kit includes a few small parts – (a couple of springs, a control bracket, etc.) that will improve the accuracy and reliability of the rangefinder assembly. The Mamiya 7 cameras also receive a new tinted rangefinder window installed in the top cover assembly. This improves the rangefinder image clarity and contrast.

We utilize a simple two tiered pricing structure for Mamiya 6 and 7 series cameras: A complete rangefinder service, and a complete overhaul of the camera (which includes the rangefinder service).  Please note that when performing the rangefinder service independent from the complete overhaul, we always check and clean those parts of the camera made accessible through the process of removing the top cover for the rangefinder work.

Film Advance Problems

We commonly receive questions concerning film advance problems, particularly with Mamiya 6 models.   Other repair shops have frequently told customers that they can no longer address problems with the film advance because parts are no longer available.  So far, we’ve been able to repair every camera presented to us with film advance/winding issues.  We still have a good supply of replacement parts and some are still available from Mamiya, even though they no longer service the model 6 cameras.


We have found the lens shutters to be extremely reliable.  There are rare occasions in which they need to be cleaned or repaired, and we are equipped to perform this service.  The most common repairs needed on lenses involve the focusing barrels or helicoids.  We have the necessary optical bench and collimators to address all focusing issues.