Noblex Repairs: Good News!

As most of you know, the camera maker Noblex, is no more.  At the same time that it closed its doors, it ceased providing replacement parts.  This has posed quite a problem for repair technicians - and for you as the owners of these very expensive cameras. 

The are two prominent issues that plague Noblex cameras:

All  Noblex cameras utilize a drive-wheel to transfer the motor rotation to the drum.  The surface of these drive-transfer wheels is made of a waxy material that is intended to minimize slippage and assure smooth rotation of the drum.  When new, these drive-wheels seemed to work well, but the material degrades over a fairly short period of time leaving the camera in need of repair, and unusable without a replacement drive-transfer wheel.

Precision Camera Works has devised a method to rebuild the drive-wheels with a suitable, much longer-lived rubber material.  We have been using this material for years now and it has held up very well.

Most versions of the 150 and 175 models suffer an additional common failure, which can prove more problematic to remedy.  The shutter speed control switch is of a design which is prone to breakage or failure due to the weak plastic material used in its construction.  Again, without replacement parts these cameras are rendered useless.

We have developed a procedure to rebuild them in a way that results in a more durable  and reliable switch.  The process entails mounting the old switch housing around a stronger central axle that we make here.  We have found that this will work on most broken switches, but we have seen those in which the switch housing is broken in a way that doesn’t leave enough of it to salvage. And, once the switch completely breaks the internal contacts and springs will be loose inside the camera.

Heed the warning signs. If you start to notice more than the normal free-play in the shutter speed control dial, or the operation becomes erratic, please don’t put off sending your camera to us, as continued use could result in further deterioration and render it unrepairable.